Short story of a “Door Knocker”.

Almost completed two months in my new job as an ICT Sales Assistant, we are Door Knockers also known as “Street Fighters”.  To be honest at the starting I was very nervous, many times I thought that I am not fit for this job because I am from IT field and don’t have any sales experience and in this job I have to knock doors, we never know who is behind that closed door and I am not a dog lover so that makes more difficult for me. In the other hand weather of Christchurch is also colder than Nelson (my previous stay), working in the field, in cold days is not easy at all, but now I have gradually started enjoying my job, day by day I am improving, learning different things each day. I am very thankful to my brother who always makes me believe that I can do it and he keeps sharing his experiences also that he gained way back when he used to do the same job. My teammates are also very helpful we always back each other.
Our job is to knock doors and talk with people about our company products and try to suggest the best deals in great price and bring them to our company. Also, we are migrating our existing customers by upgrading them to fibre line from the copper line if it is available in that particular location. I love doing Wireless Migration, it means that our existing customers are eligible for Wireless and we go to their house and talk with them about new Wireless broadband and if they agree we do the changeover, and then our IT job starts, we set Wireless broadband, do all necessary checking and connect all devices to the new Wireless broadband. I have done only a few Wireless changeover as I have just started doing it from the last week. Most of the time the changeover is very easy to do but few times it is very challenging because every house has a different story, some has all the latest devices which are wireless compatible and can be connected easily through WiFi but sometimes we have to face with old PC’s which are connected through LAN cable or other devices which are not wireless compatible and at that time we have to think outside of the box and have to come up quickly with the best solution. Before we leave the door we make sure everything is connected and up and running.
In this role, I am learning and improving every day. Many of my seniors have advised me that my English communication is not that good and I have to improve and the best way to improve is I have to talk with English speaking people and I got this opportunity here in this job which allows me to meet around 30-40 people daily, sometimes having a long conversation about technology, history of New Zealand, culture and many more.  Got few good compliments too from people here.

I am sure within few months my communication skill will improve and as a tech savvy I am in the ocean of knowledge, every house has a different network setup different brands of computers, laptops and operating system, so I am learning things which are huge asset for me.

Thank you for reading.

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