Project Experiences:

Client/Server Network Implementation:

This project is an actual implementation of a client/server network. Task performed in building a server is as follows: Windows 2012 server installation and configuration as the domain controller Active directory structure implemented Users and Groups set up to fit as per report AD example  DHCP & DNS Services Server & client level anti-virus installed Correctly implemented file server structure  Print Server We’re able to remote desktop into the server with the server admin account An accurate work log is kept detailing who, when and what was achieved during the entire procedure Troubleshooting tools demonstrated and explained: ping ipconfig nslookup  netstat

Research Report

On online Scams and Cyber Security This is a descriptive research based on ongoing online scams trending on internet nowadays and a detailed study about how it can be prevented and what security/legal measures should be taken by a victim if they have been scammed. This research report is an attempt to prevent cybercrime by creating awareness among common people.


  • Web Hacking Simulation with Webgoat OWASP

WebGoat is an extremely vulnerable web application especially designed to test all the existing web vulnerabilities. This project is a tutorial study as how to set up webgoat host in a machine to. Investigate, simulate, and evaluate SQL injection flaws using the OWASP WebGoat Project, then make recommendations for solutions to these issues.

  • Steganography

This project is based on a cyber crime scenario where the suspect hides some potential proof and information on his system which is investigated using Steganography and Physical Forensic tools.

  • Email encryption

Encrypted email communication is implemented and investigated in this project using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) via Mozilla Thunderbird email client to send and receive emails that are coded such that if intercepted, your email can’t be read.

Web Development

Developed a website using WordPress cms and SQL as a DATA base and implement in the server.

  • “Hotel Management” project, language using HTML, Java & JSP with Oracle server. With full security and web vulnerability report.
  • “College Admission” Project using VB6 and Microsoft office and access 2007.