• Never use password which are easy to guess : like your pets name your nick name or your date of birth because anyone who know you can crack your password in just few guesses. I personally recommend to use passwords which have a combination of some character symbols & letters because there are many techniques like brute force attack and password cracking software available which can easily guess any word possible in dictionary so avoid using dictionary words.
  • Always change your password regularly: passwords are like underwear, you don’t show it to anyone & you change it regularly.
  • Never use same password for all other accounts: If one of your account is hacked so others all others easily, just like punching a single hole to drown an entire Titanic.

Typing a username and password into a website isn’t the only way to identify yourself on the web services you can use Two factor authentication.

  • Turn on two-step authentication – also known as two-step verification or multi-factor authentication – on accounts where available. Two-factor authentication can use anything from a text message to your phone to a token to a bio-metric like your fingerprint to provide enhanced account security.

Turn It On: See step-by-step instructions on how to add two-factor authentication to more than 100 online accounts