As regular cleaning of the house is necessary for keeping dust & unwanted bugs/flies of similarly keeping our computers clean of viruses & malware is a must do the thing to strengthen our security. We use to keep heck loads of data, personal information, bank details, digital media or whatnot in our personal computers & often save login credentials for certain websites too for a quick login, so if someone gets access to our PCs then it’s like handing our key to online home which can unlock any of the rooms easily.

  • Keep your system up to date: Hackers are frequently finding vulnerabilities in the existing system to gain access to computers & that is why companies release new updates to patch up those loopholes, so it is always recommended to keep your system & software up to date.
  • Install decent antivirus software:  Having trusted antivirus software is a must do thing it provides a parental care to our PCs restricting unwanted apps & downloads or alerting you of potentially harmful sites. It also helps to clean off the junks which further eliminate any threat of data lodging & theft.
  • Regularly scan & remove malware’s: Another popular way of hacking into system is installing malware and Trojans to steal information so a frequent check & restricting remote installation without administrative permission is a good call. Use a trusted web browser: web browser is a way to connect online so choosing one which provides maximum security is what we should prefer. I personally recommend Google Chrome because it’s been hailed as the most secure browser again & again.
  • Never leave your computer unattended: It is for obvious reason as no one wants unwanted stalkers in their premises, another reason is to avoid letting someone install Spywares and keyloggers to hack it.