Security Tips


As digitization is on rapid increase & people are very much dependent on it to make their life easy, so is the risk of exposure & exploit of our personal data. There isn’t a single day when cyber-crime news doesn’t hit the headlines. Every technology has its pros & cons, so does digitization. Security & convenience both cannot be achieved completely though it’s totally in our hand how we manage both by taking some safety measures & practices. It is always said that “human are the weakest link in security so our little negligence can be hacker’s biggest strength. If we stay alert all the time & take some precautionary steps then we can easily bypass the hideous tricks which hackers use to pull on us. Here are some of the useful tips I want to share with you people –follow 3 simple rules when you go online –1) THINK 2) CHECK 3) CONNECT. Think twice before opening any email, links or any other content from an unknown source or visiting any less trusted website or downloading any app on your phone. Always check for the possible threats like if someone is peeking through your password or other confidential credential while you are logging in or whether your device security is compromised when you are finally sure of everything then connect safely.

Be online, Be secure, Be safe.