Our smart phones are pretty much one of the most important part of our life. If its security is compromised then nothing is safe for us as all of our accounts are linked to it. Almost everyone keep their phone secured with a pin or pattern lock, so what can happen when no one can access it? Well there is still some possibility that it can be remotely controlled even if it is in your hand.

  • If you are an android user, be very conscious of your Google account with which your device is registered: If your Google account is hacked your phone can be entirely remotely controlled even without you knowing about it, pretty scary yeah!
  • App lock applications are no good if settings of your phone isn’t locked itself:well not many smart phones comes with inbuilt app lock features, so people rely upon other apps available in store. Most of us are only concerned about securing our social apps so that no one can read our chats or some prefer to lock galleries too who are vary of sharing their pictures or someone like me use to lock up theirs game so that no one can mess with it and we are pretty much satisfied with it & sleep with peace. Knock Knock!! Wake up guys there is just a simple trick to hack this little app lock to unlock all your accounts secured with it. One just need to go to settings then installed apps/application manager then that particular App lock, force stop it or disable it & voila you are screwed. App lock seized to work & whatever accounts you have secured with it are open now. So always remember to lock the settings of your phone if you don’t have an i-built app lock.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi: who don’t want free Wi-Fi? Everyone does but it is not actually free it compromises with your security. Through man-in-the-middle attack it is possible to monitor your each and every online activity which include exposing your passwords too if you have tried to login into any of your account when you are over that Wi-Fi network.
  • Avoid downloading apps from unknown resources: It is always seen that when we can’t find any app in store we jump to download an APK or IPA from some other resource to use it. As those apps are not registered it may be a possible threat to your device as it can gain permission over your device activity & who knows if it were a malware.
  • Avoid using pop-up notification for messages: It is often noticed that even if our phone is secured with a lock messages may pop-up even in lock screen. Think of a scenario when your phone is out of your sight and someone recently tried to change your Facebook password, you received a verification code in your phone as your phone is out of sour sight hacker can just note down the verification code message pop-up displayed in your lock screen & he’s all set, you are hacked.
  • Avoid replying to unknown messages or calls to stay away from tele scams.