Social network is a great way to connect with people similarly anyone can connect to you and gain information you have shared on your profile.

  • Always keep your profile hidden from unknown peeps: No one wants to share personal information/pictures of them & their friends/families with strangers, right?
  • Accept friend requests from people you know only:
  • Never post anything in your profile which you will regret later:your social profile reflects your personality, so never do anything which you don’t want your future employer or spouse to see.
  • Be specific of your audience of your posts & information you share:
  • Always turn-on login verification: If your account is logged in from some unknown device you will be verified about that.
  • Never share your OTP (one time password) or login verification code with anyone: It often happens that we forgot our password & while resetting it OTP is send to our registered device to recover it. Hackers can now send us messages or email asking for OTP setting up a look-alike page of that particular website, So beware none of the websites ask you to reveal your OTP via mail/message or phone call.